Fuerteventura | Why choose Fuerteventura
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Why choose the Fuerteventura for your holidays?

Fuerteventura is the chosen destination, all year round, for many tourists from various parts of the world. In summer, the island become an ideal family holiday destination. Summer is approaching and it is time to plan, dream of a destination where one can disconnect from the daily routine, enjoy the family, discover new landscapes, have fun with the little ones and dedicate time to activities that, for the rest of the year, are forgotten about.

In that search, Fuerteventura is always good option. A destination chosen by visitors from all over the world at all times of the year, in summer, it becomes one of the main destinations for family holidays.

But, why choose Fuerteventura?

1. The climate.
Fuerteventura eternal spring climate means constant sunshine and enjoyment of outdoor activities. With a gentle and stable climate 12 months of the year, the temperatures vary between 18 and 34 degrees. This privileged condition, far from high temperatures and asphyxiating heat typical in other areas, turns the islands into a perfect destination for family holidays.

2. Aerial connections.
Well located on the world map, Fuerteventura are connected with many national and international airports that increase their flight frequencies during the summer season. If this detail was not enough, let's not forget that Fuerteventura are only a few hours away by plane from main European cities.

3. Accommodation and services.
As they are used to receiving visitors continuou
sly, the island offer a wide choice of hotels with a large range of services. This is how Fuerteventura offer visitors all the services so that they can enjoy ther stay. Furthermore Fuerteventura offer a wide range of accommodation (camp sites, rural accommodation, hotel resorts, etc.) that is adapted to all budgets and necessities.

4. The Islas Canarias Family Welcome Club.
If we want special and quality family holidays, all the qualities of the destination become an authentic tuarantee thanks to the The Islas Canarias Family Welcome label. This distinctivee brand gathers a selection of establishments that endeavour to cover all the tourists' necessities.


5. Beaches.
Thinking in the Fuerteventura means thinking in heavenly endless beaches, perfectly adapted, safe for children, and fun ... Toilets, showers, sun-bed rentals or children's play areas are some of the facilities that turn a fine sandy beach with crystal clear waters into a perfect site for a perfect day with children.


6. Rural tourism.
Away from the sun, sea and beach offer, rural tourism is very well established in the archipelago with over 650 accommations. Reports show that the occupation rate in the archipelago is four times higher than the national average.

7. Natuical sports.
The islands provide enjoyment of the sea and nautical sports all year long. Sailing, diving, fishing, windsurfing, etc., an offer with options for all tastes that provides enjoyment of the crystal clear water, the wind, the natural beauty and the optimal sea conditions.

8. Deserts.
Everyone likes deserts and especially children... The typical desert called "Trucha" is available on all the islands all year long, as well as others such as the "Alfajores Majoreros de Gofio", the "Quesadillas" or the "Rosquillas".